New York Times: “The (Home) Birther Movement”

by PushGirl Friday on May 26, 2012

The New York Times reports on "The (Home) Birther Movement"

Credit: Elinor Carucci/Redux, for The New York Times

“[Ina May] Gaskin says that because midwife-assisted home birth is illegal in many states, many women are de facto coerced into surgery or other interventions they don’t need. For Gaskin, choice in birth remains a realm of reproductive freedom that mainstream feminism, until recently, has foolishly ignored; women should seek not just the freedom to decide whether or not to have a baby but also how to have it. Here, Gaskin assists Jane Montanaro during labor, March 27.”

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pamelanyc May 27, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Every mother wants/needs to feel that she made the best choice for herself and her baby. The good news is that research demonstrates that for women with low risk factors, a planned home birth with a skilled midwife is as safe or safer than an hospital birth with an OB or CNM. The truth is that there are risks in a hospital environment and risks in a home setting. However, the risks are different. Moreover anecdotal stories that focus only on home birth emergency transfers do not paint a realistic or scientific analysis of home birth any more than extolling “life-saving” c-sections in hospitals makes hospitals the safest place for birth. Keep in mind that with 99% of all births occurring in hospitals the escalating maternal and infant death rate and increasing c-section rate is occurring on the watch of OBs and CNMs in hospital settings and NOT on the watch of midwives in home settings. The point is that women should have all the information available and the option to choose the birth setting and maternity care provider that best suits their comfort level. For some women that will be a hospital setting, for others that will be a home setting. No birth setting is without risks. No maternity care provider has perfect judgment 100% of the time. It time to stop making choice of birth setting into a contest and instead provide women with safe choices in a variety of settings – hospital, birth center and home.


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